Background Motion

Okay, is this weird? I’m on my computer, watching stuff on YouTube like this trailer- -I never gave up on you, Manoj! And then some Mr. Sunday Movies videos, earbuds in, no one else in the room… But I wanted to keep the TV on in the background. I wasn’t watching it, but I just […]


Kaylyn: Sleepy? Me: I still need to write my post. Kaylyn: You could write it in bed. Me: I don’t know what I’m gonna write about. Kaylyn: “We went to Ryan’s tonight. It was on Undercover Boss. Here’s a clip.” We went to Ryan’s tonight. It was on Undercover Boss. Here’s a clip. My brother […]

In Your Heart…

I still have a post I need to write. I’ve handwritten it, but it needs to be typed. But for tonight… I love We Bare Bears. It’s funny, cute, and very kindhearted. We need more kindheartedness.

Library Buys

It is July. I just want to make that clear before I begin. It. Is. July.   Today Kaylyn and I went to the local library for their twice-weekly sale of things that are either not being checked out or I guess maybe they have multiples of? I don’t know how it works, but the […]

Monsters 2020

Folks, I might have a new obsession. And by obsession, I mean something I’m mildly fascinated by. So I have a vague memory of an article in a ToyFare magazine from years and years ago about Playmates Toys making some prototype┬áStar Wars figures in the mid-90s before Kenner did their big relaunch in 95. I’ve […]